Words of kindness – RTT

I am the Phoenix and now I can fly sky high like an eagle!

Jane was amazing. In the session, we focused on the "Trust" issues. I have CPTSD and many layers of issues like an onion. For that reason choosing a topic was really challenging. However, after some talk with Jane, I could see the problem which linked to many other issues. Before the session, I was thinking to resolve a different kind of trust. After the consultation, I realized the issue of trust of myself is bigger than what I saw on the surface.

During the session, she guided me to bring me to the point of where I built self-doubts. With her guidance and healing, my wounded inner child was united with me. After the session, I already stared feel like I'm 10000 times lighter than before. Moreover, I felt now I'm a limitless. Now I'm listening to her audio every night before going to sleep. Still not passed 21 days yet but already I'm seeing myself. I have changed drastically my self-confidence and the way to connect with people. I spent over 9 years and over 2.5M yen (AUD$33,000) for my treatments so far but I didn't have this kind of fulfilling outcome. Jane really helped me to realize I'm not a chicken, I am the Phoenix and now I can fly sky high like an eagle!! I’m super looking forward to seeing myself and how much I'll be free and live limitless.

Eri (Japan)

Diving into your soul and finding your purpose

I just had the most powerful RTT soul to soul session with Jane, I was blown away how amazing Jane is and how intuitive Jane Hall is and utilised this as part of RTT transformational therapy healing session. I cannot recommend Jane enough, especially if you want to dive into your soul and finding your purpose plus healing work. You are amazing gifted therapist and medium, thank you again Jane!!


I feel free and much happier than ever before

My session with Jane rooted out the underlying causes of my fears and anxiety, because of that session I’m enjoying today a much relaxed way of living, she showed me how to listen to my heart, and made me realize that I can reach my full potential by listening to my heart and that’s exactly what I’m doing today, I feel free and much happier than ever before.

Rasha (Canada)

It is okay to put myself first

I decided to have a RTT Transformational   session with you in the hope that you could help me with my very high blood pressure issues. I finished up in hospital after a severe reaction to BP medication.

I believed my BP was caused by stress and I needed help to handle the stress after being a sole carer for my husband for 5 years and then having to make the decision to place him in a high care dementia unit in a nursing home.

After one session with you and ongoing support from the tape you supplied, I feel I am a much calmer person and now believe that it is okay to put myself first.

Not only did you help me with my blood pressure issues, a long term skin problem has also improved.

My BP was 221/111 when I went to hospital it is now 135/84 much improved without medication.

My son who lives on the coast invited me to spend a few days with him, I checked my diary and said I had too much on and could not make it. I got off the phone and thought I am going to put myself first. I made phone calls and cancelled all my arrangements, phoned my son back and said I’m coming.

We went kayaking for 2 hours on the day I arrived, the second day we went on a 15k walk, then the third day a morning of kayaking. I returned home feeling fabulous. I am 78 years old, only kayaked twice before when I was 50 years younger and thanks so much to you Jane I’m am feeling better than I have felt in years. You have shown me how to deal with stress and that it is okay to take time out for of me.


Change an addiction or an annoying habit

I received RTT hypnotherapy from Jane today and it was nothing short of amazing. I have tried hypnotherapy in the past and truly believed I could not be hypnotised - until today. I was amazed how quickly I went under and the experiences I had were truly transformational. Jane was very gentle and supportive and I highly recommend her to anyone. If you want to really truly change an addiction or an annoying habit, give Jane a call.


Feel more connected to my family

I've really enjoyed listening to the recording and can report back that I do feel more connected to my family. I've also had excellent energy levels which has enabled me to do more walking and swimming every day, with energy to spare later in the day. I'm easily going off to sleep at night and waking, ready to go, at 5.15am. I'm loving my early mornings.

Thank you so much for the session. I think you're great and your clients are very lucky. Your particular combination of skills is going to be a huge bonus for them.


Overcoming anxiety

Ten year old Finn had developed a severe fear of flying in airplanes since he was 5 and it was worsening every trip we took. His anxiety was leading to panic attacks. Before a long 33 hr trip to the northern hemisphere we needed to get him some help and Jane Hall Transformational Therapies came to his aid.

The session over zoom worked really well then it was followed up with an audio recording that he listened to every night before sleep. Within a few days Finn was saying he was fine with flying and was over his fear. True enough, he stayed relaxed through the three consecutive flights despite turbulence. It is a tool he can use throughout his life and I am really grateful. I would definitely recommend Jane to anyone else in our situation.

Finn's Mum (NZ)

Stopped worrying

It was really weird as soon as I realised where these issues came from they seemed to dissipate. I feel really great, really happy and positive. I have largely stopped worrying and when I do I remind myself that everything has always worked out not just in this life but in past lives as well.

I used to worry about what people said to me and what I said to them - not what they thought of me - but how I came across. Now I don't. For instance I was talking to a friend today and I was saying she should forgive her son and she said "I hold grudges for years. Don't forget that." I knew she was reminding me as we have had some issues over the last year. I confidently said to her "And so do I, remember that." Not the most positive example, I know, however, I feel good that I replied and didn't just feel bad for weeks about what she said. And more importantly I'm not worrying. Yay!!


Physically life changing

Before I had RTT with Jane I had never experienced hypnotherapy before. I had lost some weight but wanted to try it. One of my goals was to incorporate exercise in my busy life with three young children. It’s almost been non-existent in the last ten years.

It’s been a few months since my RTT session with Jane and I went from zero days of exercise to now walking my beautiful dog 4-6 days a week. I even make time to walk at lunch time. It is truly an amazing transformation. I want to thank Jane and highly
recommend Jane to anyone who would like their life transformed!!


I am enough and you are enough

After a warm welcome, Jane took me into her therapy room for a RTT session. Jane’s therapy room feels like home and immediately gives you the feeling of a big hug. Jane then asked me several questions reviewing the form I filled in. Then it’s ok let’s go! So what I experienced with Jane’s RTT was total relaxation, surprising reasons to my areas of improvement (which are now goals), closure, feeling emotional, being at peace, renewed and empowered. My journey has just begun. But it also started over 40 years ago. Jane was amazing in taking me back and in guiding me to sort through my subconscious. I felt calm and comfortable throughout the session and look forward to seeing what the next 4 weeks bring. It’s nice to feel awake again. Thank you Jane.

So 10 days since my RTT session with Jane Hall. I’m feeling great. Super positive. I did feel a little unsettled in the first couple of days. Jane did advise me this may happen. Its due to the impact of the regression scenarios. I do feel different, better. In terms of what I wanted to improve on I am hitting my first goals. I find myself naturally maintaining what I need to now. I have been listening to the recording Jane has provided to me every night without fail. I’m really looking forward to seeing where I am at in 2 weeks’ time. This whole experience is totally life changing.

It’s now over a month since I had my session with Jane. I have listened to her recording for 28 days in a row and have started listening to it 2 to 3 times a week. Doing the RTT with Jane has enabled me to remain focused and not give up on what is a truly important goal to me. In the past, I would lack lustre to continue but I genuinely know that through my RTT session with Jane I have the focus and never giving up attitude. I am still heading in the right direction in a calm and secure way that I have not felt in the past.

To wrap up what this therapy has done for me, it has given me the confidence and peace in knowing that I will achieve my goals, especially the ones I have struggled with for so many years. I am enough and you are enough. If you want to change your life for the better please go and see Jane and experience RTT for yourself, so you can truly acknowledge that you are enough.