Words of kindness – Womb Wisdom

It was amazing to get to the roots of the creation of that disease

My RTT session with Jane Hall was powerful and illuminating.  She holds a very sacred, safe space and I felt supported and nurtured in her loving guidance.  Her compassion and understanding nature, as well as her confidence, helped me to let go and trust the process.  I believe the healing went very deep, and I love the recording she made for me...it was as if she knew just what I needed to hear.  I reached out to her about my severe PMDD symptoms and it was amazing to get to the roots of the creation of that disease within my body/mind/spirit.  I was able to release energy that was blocking my healing!  I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to heal!  Thank you so much Jane!  You are truly a blessing in all that you do!

Bethany Clague ~ Massage therapist, Yoga Teacher, Feng Shui Consultant

Impressive knowledge on how a woman's body works and what it needs

During this session I understood the root course of my PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), now everything makes sense. I’m an RTTer myself, I know that RTT works, but this session with Jane was something else, her wisdom, intuition and patience took it to a whole deferent level, I’m feeling so lucky that I got to have such an amazing healing session with her, she has impressive knowledge on how a woman body works and what it needs, that led to a whole well-rounded session, she held that space for me, I felt safe, loved and heard. Thank you Jane

Rasha ~ RTT Therapist (Canada)

I’m loving my body and understanding its needs

It’s three months now since my session with Jane, I’m 10 kgs lighter, I used to have very strong ovulation symptoms… totally disappeared, my period pain went from 9 to 4-5 max, I’m loving my body and understanding its needs, I’m a lot kinder to it, interpreting workouts and healthy diet as self-love, things that I do for me… what blows my mind that even in the darkest days I took care of myself I was gentle with myself, took my supplements every morning this wasn’t me, self-destruction was my trademark. Thank you Jane

Rasha ~ RTT Therapist (Canada)