About Jane

Time to be me…

There is always hope! I am a lot like you, I felt different and this kept me feeling small and fearful. I didn’t feel safe to express who I really was and then there were the illnesses. I finally had the excuses to really hide whenever life got too hard or unpredictable. I was constantly looking for answers to stay on top of the illnesses, and to the world around me I was stoic – but I wasn’t happy, I felt hollow and frozen, unable to truly move forward.  Like you, Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT) found me, I had the solution, the key, the missing piece to my puzzle. After a few sessions, I cleared so many limiting beliefs, it was as though I had been shackled my entire life, and now I was free to be me.

I graduated as a Rapid Transformational Therapy® therapist and hypnotherapist in 2018, and now combine 20 years of my intuitive skills with RTT to help clients like you permanently release and shift your limiting beliefs, allowing you to easily step through the fear and be who you are meant to be, shining brightly!

Find connection and avoid rejection, that is what our brains are designed to do whether it is healthy or non-healthy connections.

Are you like me? Did you get ostracised or bullied because you were different? Have you felt or been referred to as the black sheep of the family, school or office? Feeling like an alien in a human body can be devastating and limiting.

Don’t be like me and have illness be the catalyst for change, be brave and take the steps towards your passions.

STOP the feelings of fear, self-sabotage, procrastination, not good enough, negativity, self-doubt, lack of confidence and self-esteem or any other limitation that holds you back. It is time to step into the fabulous you!

Let’s work together to smash through your fears, so you can feel connected, and welcome your awesome, unique ‘you’ to the surface and shine brightly! Because…you are meant to be here!

What if you felt content, how would you feel? I can help you unlock this potential by intuitively connecting with you, seeing your limitations and taking you on a journey of transformation whether this is with Rapid Transformational Therapy or with intuitive readings. You can do this!

I help clients truly connect and re-integrate with themselves.  I can help you learn how to recognise and cease being anxious, having negative and sabotaging beliefs. The absence of self-limiting and self-sabotaging behaviour creates a space for you to grow and evolve your life in a purposeful, transformed and vibrant way.

My focus and philosophy is about integration and transformation, because when you are healed you are able to experience all you can be and shine brightly as nature intended!

Jane Hall photo
RTT & Period Coach Certified