Intuitive Readings

I come from a linage of intuitives and have trained with the best Mediums around the world.

My training and development has taken me world-wide from Australia to America, Canada, Germany and the prestigious Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Sciences in England.

With more than 20 years of experience as a Psychic and Medium, I have successfully demonstrated these services in public within Australia, England and Germany.


Photo of Jane Hall in an intuitive session with clients

Mediumship sittings

Image of stone circleWhile Mediumship will never take away the pain of losing a loved one or take away the sadness of not having their physical presence around. By bringing through highly evidential and specific information that nobody else could possibly know, I can re-establish a connection, and offer you a certain level of evidence that the soul survives physical death and that love transcends all.

Psychic readings

Image of flower circleWhen I link with you intuitively in a psychic reading, I read your energy field (aura) and am able to obtain information about your past, present, and future. Intuitive readings can help you to understand yourself better, gain invaluable insight into your potential, and increase awareness of your blocks and how to transform them.

Business Readings – Intuitive Psychic & Feng Shui Business Space

Image of a bouquetWhen I link with you intuitively, I can tap into specific areas around you like your business. I can look for cracks, issues, opportunities, issues, and solutions.
Send me your business layout and I will give you ideas on how to activate and balance the spaces to bring more luck, harmony, and biz success into your life!

Intuitive soul to soul readings

Image of moon compassA soul-to-soul intuitive psychic reading delves more deeply. I consciously connect with your heart and soul energy. With your permission, I can access your Soul’s blueprint, also known as your Akashic Records and receive the information about past lives, so you can gain clarity, insight, and awareness of your Soul’s truth and start to trust yourself and your path once again.

Ready for some intuitive healing ?


A very special gift

I deeply believe in eternal life but this year it came for me the time to truly experience this deep truth.

I recently lost both my dad and my beloved partner and my only desire was finding a way to connect with them.

Jane is the special and sensitive person that made that possible in the most loving way.

She didn’t know any details about them, but through the sitting she was able to give me so many indications that confirmed I was in the presence of their eternal souls. It was a very special gift for me. A privileged and very emotional experience.

I cannot thank Jane enough for what she does with so much grace, sensitivity, and immense love.

Annalisa (UK)

I feel free and much happier than ever before

My session with Jane rooted out the underlying causes of my fears and anxiety, because of that session I’m enjoying today a much relaxed way of living, she showed me how to listen to my heart, and made me realize that I can reach my full potential by listening to my heart and that’s exactly what I’m doing today, I feel free and much happier than ever before.

Rasha ~ RTT Therapist (Canada)

A truly amazing experience

My beautiful darling wife, soulmate and best friend passed away 9 months ago. I have seen Jane on two occasions now and the messages that Jane has passed onto me from my darling wife have been 100 percent correct.

There is no way that Jane could have known these things which proved to me that Jane was actually communicating with my wife. I did not have to provide any information at all to Jane which is what a very good Psychic Medium should be able to do, provide the messages to you and not ask questions trying to get the answer from you, the experience was truly amazing and I highly recommend that anyone who wishes to connect with loved ones who are now in spirit contact Jane Hall for the best mediumship reading that you will experience.


Remembering both my beautiful parents

I have been blessed to have two readings with Jane. On both occasions I have had past loved ones come through. I thought I would share my last reading where my father, who passed away last September, came through. Jane nailed so many points about dad, but none more so than when she asked me about a heart locket which she felt had photos in it. Jane said that dad wanted me to always remember him through it. It took me some time to remember that I do have a very old heart locket that my dad gave my mum. It does have photos of mum and dad. I have not thought of it in years and it has always been locked away in the safe. Well it is now out and proudly being worn to remember both my beautiful parents. Thanks Jane.


A great mediumship session on ANZAC day

Jane thank you so much for such a great session on ANZAC day. It was wonderful making contact with my great uncle colin hardy who died in France at the end of ww1. It was really emotional. Hearing from him how he died and who was with him. It meant so much. I have been able to go back over his nearly 100 letters and have found so much of what he told us in them. My husband and I felt him there and look toward to celebrating his life when we go to him in France in November.

I just cannot thank you enough.


Back on life purpose path

Jane walks with you in her soul-to-soul readings, as friend, mentor and gifted guide.

My reading with Jane was warm, empowering and so very informative with lots of confirmation. Not only has Jane opened a bright door on the future and put my present challenges in context and perspective, she has put my higher self back on its appointed path, which I felt was now better lit than dimly glimpsed.


Dad’s last Christmas dance

Jane Hall is a talented, sincere and highly educated evidential medium.

I had a reading with her and was contacted by my mother. Her messages were clear and positively from my mum. There was one piece of information that I could not understand. My mother told of dancing with my dad at Christmas time. No, I said, I knew nothing of this, so on Jane’s advice I asked my sister and she produced a photo of my mum and dad dancing together on Christmas night. It was to be my dad’s last Christmas. I had never seen that photo nor did I know that when they were younger they went dancing Friday nights. I was too young to remember. It was delightful to see them so happy together.

I couldn’t thank Jane enough. She provided comfort and a lot of happiness. I would be pleased to recommend her to anyone!


Connecting with Doris my cat

Thank you so much for your time over the weekend and for coming out to my house. I wanted to share something with you that gave me a shiver this morning.

Yesterday when you connected with my cat Doris you mentioned that Doris wanted to say thank you for the memorial bling. My sister and I couldn’t think of any bling as Doris’s ashes are kept in a little ceramic urn, so we attributed this comment to one of our other cats. this morning I was getting ready for work and I had a job interview today so I wanted to wear some nice jewelry. I was going through the case and found something I had forgotten about. After Doris died I missed her so much a went and bought a small diamond ring and had “Doris” engraved on the inside. that would be the memorial bling she was talking about.

I was so happy to know that Doris and my Grandma were with me today. Once again, thank you so much.


Bucky the Baseballer

Okay a disclaimer, I have known and worked with Jane for about 10 years and we have discussed various aspects of our personal lives over the years – that is a fact. However, a few months ago my wife and I attended Jane’s house for a pre-arranged reading.

I was rather skeptical of what information Jane was likely to tell me. Sitting down in Jane’s living room, I was surprised at being told a number of spirits had assembled prior to our arrival and upon commencement of the reading were jostling to be heard through Jane’s mediumship.

To my surprise, Jane advised me that a jovial male spirit, a keen sportsman had just popped in to ‘say hi’. I initially had no idea who this person was. Jane advised we knew each other well, had played sport together and that he was cut down in the prime of his life.

The penny dropped, the spirit was that of a Baseballer I played with at University, a popular charismatic bloke who was a best friend of my brother. He, unfortunately, died in a car crash when I was in my early twenties. I had never spoken of him to anyone outside those who knew him. I am completely certain that Jane wouldn’t have known anything of him, I had not thought of him for over 25 years. He was a warm, engaging friendly bloke, father of three who quite frankly was taken far too soon. I regard him as a mate. It was just like him to pop in and visit my brother at our family home before establishing himself with his own.

Rest in Peace Bucky, you are forever in my thoughts now and I remain eternally grateful to Jane for putting Bucky back there. That was just the start of a number of spirits including both our parents that Jane put us in contact with.

We are both now converted believers because the extent of really personal information Jane told us that night could not have been known prior.


From a sceptic to a non sceptic

My mother and I met you at Tomakin live mediumship demonstration earlier in the year and after that I had the most amazing reading with you. I am writing to you to thank you for turning my husband from a sceptic to a non sceptic!! He was blown away with the mediumship reading he had with you last month.

Kate (Batemans Bay)

I kept having big epiphanies

I had an intuitive reading at your house a few weeks ago. I had previously had a soul reading by zoom.

I just wanted to let you know how powerful the reading was. I kept having big epiphanies for some time after, and these were followed by powerful inner shifts.

I am most grateful to you for the work you do and the wisdom you bring.

Annie Sorell (Emotional Wellbeing Counsellor)