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Every journey to healing begins with self-care. I encourage you to start your journey of self-care by immersing yourself in the tools and resources that I have lovingly created for you.

Please enjoy these free resources.



Immune Stress Reduction*

Image of plant iconAllow this ‘Stress Reduction and Immune System Support’ self-hypnosis audio recording to take you into a place of peace where you can leave the world behind and nurture yourself for a short time.

Womb Naming Meditation*

Image of flower iconGive yourself the time and space to honour your womb like never before. Allow this ‘Womb Naming’ self-hypnosis audio to take you on a journey of self-discovery and connection with your own womb power within.

*Self-hypnosis audio recordings are NOT to be used if you have Epilepsy or severe mental health.
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