Words of kindness – RTT

I am enough and you are enough

After a warm welcome, Jane took me into her therapy room for a RTT session. Jane’s therapy room feels like home and immediately gives you the feeling of a big hug. Jane then asked me several questions reviewing the form I filled in. Then it’s ok let’s go! So what I experienced with Jane’s RTT was total relaxation, surprising reasons to my areas of improvement (which are now goals), closure, feeling emotional, being at peace, renewed and empowered. My journey has just begun. But it also started over 40 years ago. Jane was amazing in taking me back and in guiding me to sort through my subconscious. I felt calm and comfortable throughout the session and look forward to seeing what the next 4 weeks bring. It’s nice to feel awake again. Thank you Jane.

So 10 days since my RTT session with Jane Hall. I’m feeling great. Super positive. I did feel a little unsettled in the first couple of days. Jane did advise me this may happen. Its due to the impact of the regression scenarios. I do feel different, better. In terms of what I wanted to improve on I am hitting my first goals. I find myself naturally maintaining what I need to now. I have been listening to the recording Jane has provided to me every night without fail. I’m really looking forward to seeing where I am at in 2 weeks’ time. This whole experience is totally life changing.

It’s now over a month since I had my session with Jane. I have listened to her recording for 28 days in a row and have started listening to it 2 to 3 times a week. Doing the RTT with Jane has enabled me to remain focused and not give up on what is a truly important goal to me. In the past, I would lack lustre to continue but I genuinely know that through my RTT session with Jane I have the focus and never giving up attitude. I am still heading in the right direction in a calm and secure way that I have not felt in the past.

To wrap up what this therapy has done for me, it has given me the confidence and peace in knowing that I will achieve my goals, especially the ones I have struggled with for so many years. I am enough and you are enough. If you want to change your life for the better please go and see Jane and experience RTT for yourself, so you can truly acknowledge that you are enough.


Helping me get back to my normal

I have known Jane since I started working in the Public Service in 2007. She would tell me about all her amazing talents and I watched her through the years go to a number of courses to explore her talents further.

I have seen Jane in the past for a mediumship session, which was truly amazing. When she told me she was studying RTT she always had me on her mind as I have suffered migraines since high school.

About a year ago, I had heart surgery and after this operation I experienced migraines pretty much every day. Jane told me once she had completed her course, she would be able to help me. I was very sceptical as I didn’t think hypnotherapy would help me with
something, I have experienced my whole life.

When I had my session with Jane, she was so warm and inviting which made me feel relaxed and comfortable. She talked me through what she would be doing which made me feel at ease.

I had a 2 hours session with Jane, but it felt like I was there for 20 mins. After the session we spoke about what I went through and I was quite amazed by it all and how it all made sense in the end why I was still getting these migraines. Jane advised that it would take
21 days to break a habit and gave me a recording to listen to every day.

It took a little over 21 days listening to the recording as well as changing my mind set but I am truly amazed that I have not experience a migraine every day. The migraines were taking over my life and now I do not even think about them anymore or even have to

I cannot thank Jane enough for helping me get back to my normal, I have a 2-year-old daughter and another baby on the way and I did not want my migraines taking over my life.

It was a positive experience and if anybody is suffering from migraines like I did, I will let them know about Jane and her amazing talent!